Green Initiative

Solus embraces our role in sustainability. We realize that sustainability and conservation is an important factor in today’s design and construction industry. As a link in the construction chain, a lighting agency has a responsibility to share in the burden of minimizing the impact of the construction process on the environment. We are an advocate in promoting sustainability to the manufactures we represent, pushing them to incorporate sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes and product development. As a company, we follow the simple tenet of reduce, reuse and recycle. By minimizing the literature our factories send based upon the size of our market we can reduce waste. We attempt to reuse shipping products and literature before disposing, and often donate lighting product to the Rebuilding Center. We recycle all metal, paper, glass, plastics, and electronics that cannot be reused in some manner – utilizing local services such as Far West Fibers and Free Geek. We know that our impact may be minimal, but it is the collective effort of all that will result in a more sustainable future.